General Membership Information

LASFAA’s Purpose

  • To promote the professional competency and associations of student financial aid administrators in colleges, universities, governmental agencies, foundations and others associated with private community organizations concerned with the support and administration of student aid programs.
  • To assist educational institutions, foundations, governmental agencies and private community organizations to promote and develop effective programs pertinent to student financial aid.
  • To facilitate communication between educational institutions and sponsors of student financial aid funds through an exchange of ideas, information and experience.
  • To promote such systemic studies, cooperative experiments, conferences and other related activities that may be desirable or required to fulfill the purpose of this association.

    For additional membership information contact the Membership Chair.

The membership year runs from January 1 through December 31. 

Associate Membership is $450.00 per Organization.
Exhibitor Fee $400.00
Institutional Membership dues structure is based on the enrollment of students at your institution during the last completed term verifiable as of the date of completion of this application.

Enrollment Amount
0-4,999 $400.00
5,000+ $500.00